Rock Life CrossFit is for Everybody. 

We're firm believers in that statement, which is why we emphasize that no matter your age, skill level, or current physical activity level - we can help you meet and exceed your health goals.

At Rock Life CrossFit, we're more than a gym membership. Our diverse, supportive community is a place where you can grow, tackle new challenges, and build yourself into your best version of you.

Nutrition Programs

Take your fitness to the next level. Balancing your nutrition with the right intake of protein, fat and carbohydrates will help you reach for Excellence In Fitness. Rock Life CrossFit offers Nutrition Services through V.I.tality Nutrition; which is ran by our very own Coach LB. Join our weekly nutrition classes or select one on one nutrition coaching.  *March 8-April 4th we are running a Nutrition Challenge. Check out more information at the link below

Spring Nutrition Challenge

Personal Training

Our personal training programs are perfect for anyone who wants to spend more time working on specific goals through a personalized program with daily support and increased accountability. Reach out to find out more! 

Get 1:1 Attention

Murph Prep Training Program

Get stronger, fast and ready to crush the Memorial Day workout, Murph with our Murph Prep Training Program. This program is designed for you to complete around your regular workout routine, while helping you dial specific movement and make you stronger! 
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